Why do we lit up oil lamp in Puja hall ? Any kind of light removes external darkness around us. Similarly the rays of lighted oil lamp in Puja room not only remove  internal darkness from one’s self and purify them but also remove all forms of darkness surrounding their life by purifying the atmosphere at their home. Before one fully understand the purpose and logic behind lighting a oil lamp in Puja room, it is necessary to know various aspects, implications, benefits and other issues involved in this practice. 

The Origin and theory of lighting oil lamp 

The cosmic consists of five elements as created by Brahman. While Air and Space were above, the Earth and water stayed below. The fifth element Fire stayed in both the places. The only connectivity (touching both ends) between the elements above and below were the rays from either the Sun or the Moon.

Other than human and various other souls which took birth in universe, several invisible souls too were created by Brahman. Except human and animal souls which took birth in universe, other souls got themselves converted into energies and travelled through the light rays in the form of active atoms to settle in places comfortable to them. The souls consist of divine atoms and positive and negative energies in the form of invisible atoms.   After reaching earth the negative energies (souls) preferred to wander and stay in darkness to conceal their presence and identity while the positive energies wandered in broad day light. The souls in two groups acted differently – While one group allowed good thoughts, the other kept on destroying them if they are able to overpower the positive ones and vice versa. So as the fight between these forces continued.  Besides the Negative and Positive energy atoms, the third energy that remained mute spectator to the actions of them also existed. They were known as divine energy atoms. Why were they created?

The sinner souls wandered as negative energies and the good ones as positive energies both influencing the mind process of the inmates residing in areas under their domination. Both the energies continued their fight to eliminate each other to dominate the minds and heart of inmates in the places where they stated. As per Brahman theory wherever the domination of negative and positive existed, accordingly the atmosphere too will have absolute serenity and calmness or unknown turbulence and turmoil in the minds of the inmates residing there.

How is the above relevant to lighting of oil lamps ? Read the following.

When the cosmic with souls was created, Brahman also ensured that the domination of the negative energies in the form of atoms can be negated by  positive energy atoms if the area is to be kept free of darkness or illusion to rein in peaceful atmosphere. Since Brahman norm was that the dominance of the negative and positive forces will determine the mind set of the family members who reside in those places the question may arise whether it possible to light up an oil lamp to remove the darkness and achieve serene atmosphere? Mere Lighting up the area to remove external darkness alone will not be suffice to bring in serene atmosphere. Some other mode is necessary to drive away the invisible negative forces which preferred to live in darkness. 

How to achieve it to bring serene  atmosphere in a private home ? Brahman revealed the secret to the Rishies and Munis. The third of the invisible divine energy atoms which remained mute spectator in the atmosphere along with the negative and positive energy atoms, if revoked can back up the positive energies in their fight against  negative energies. The simplest form of awakening the inactive divine energy is to light up an oil lamp to generate low flame of heat specific to particular wavelength of divine energy which can activate the inactive divine atoms. This cannot be produced by any other artificial lights. Actual wavelength of the divine energy radiating from the oil lamp flame matching to the actual wave length of the divine energy of the atoms remains  unravelled till now.

How will lighting up an oil lamp wake up the inactive divine energy atoms to help the positive energies? The divine energy cannot be generated by merely lighting up an Oil lamp. It is only the first act in the direction of few other processes which followed as they are inter related  awhich again is another hidden secret in Brahman theory. Simple prayer or mantra released from the body of the inmate (both outwardly or inwardly chanted) go and merge into the flame of the Oil Lamp. When  heat flame emanating from specific oil, specific wick and prayer waves (mantra) merge, they in turn change the basic qualities of the low flame of the oil Lamp which in turn  radiate entirely different unique heat waves that are capable of awakening the inactive divine energy atoms residing in the atmosphere  in puja room. Thus the combination of three factors radiates invisible, inaudible but powerful magnetic waves to awaken the sleeping divine energies to aid the positive energy souls in their fight to drive away the negative atoms. This is the fundamental Brahman theory as revealed to the Rishies and Munis. 

Those waves from the combination of the three factors activate the otherwise sleeping (inactive till then) divine energies (atoms)  which in turn join hands with the already present positive energy atoms and fight the negative energy atoms to drive them away from that place. The Rishies and Munis who learnt of it from Brahman carried forward the  secret  for the  benefit of mankind and thus the practice of lighting of oil lamps during morning and evening hours when the sun or moon light is dim commenced in ancient period of time to keep the space around us lightened and to drive away the negative energies. 

This is why the elders used to advise  that both at early hours of the day and dusk a oil Lamp may be kept burning in front of divine in homes and then few words of prayer mantra is chanted. The practice of lighting up an oil lamp  to not only to light up the room, but also to drive away the evil atoms from the atmosphere thus commenced.

Oil Lamp– Effects

As the process of lighting an Oil Lamp in puja halls with special wick and Oil continues to be performed everyday, they continue to release positive energy magnetic waves  to fill the atmosphere with more and more positive energy atoms to drive away the negative energies. When more and more positive energy fills the atmosphere, the inmates residing in such an atmosphere are sure to face the vibrations of actions and reactions of Karma without turbulence in mind. When you are in serene and peaceful atmosphere, you are able to think clearly and boldly to face any situation. The magnetic waves of positive energies penetrate into the skin of inmates to regenerate and activate their sullen nerves. When the nerves are regenerated, it in turn fills the blood cells with positive energies which again push free flow of energized atoms into the brain. This is the nutshell effect of lighting an oil lamp in a puja hall and offering prayer.

This is not based on mere spiritual faith alone, but has some semblance of science behind it. It is beyond our imagination to even think as to how our ancestors had foreseen the implications of negative and positive energy atoms and found out a simpler way to negate it. They thus  put into practice the simpler act of lighting up an oil Lamp in puja halls when no scientific gadgets and instruments were available.

Some forms of divine idols moulded out of certain metals may be seen in Puja rooms in many homes. Besides those metallic idols called Vigrahas, there used to be Saligrama Stones, Shiv Ling stones, Yanthras etc. Though ordinarily all of them appear to be simple objects, when prayers are made chanting certain mantras after lighting up a Oil lamp, the waves of special energy  radiated from the acts of the three merged  energies penetrate into those objects and alter the basic invisible internal qualities of the objects. Once the invisible waves penetrate into those objects  kept in puja rooms they in turn radiate fresh waves of energy from them. The energies so radiated from those objects converts into invisible divine energies to help positive energies fight the negative energies. Not every piece of metal or stone will be able to absorb and radiate so. Only certain specific objects react so.

Thus continuous lighting up an oil Lamp coupled with puja and prayer, however simpler they may be, convert the inherent invisible qualities of the objects like metallic idols, Saligrama and other stones, picture frames etc to release divine energies from them into the atmosphere where they are kept to help positive atoms fight out the negative ones effectively.  The same is the case with idols made in Crystal stones and specific wooden frames in which the divine images have been framed and kept in the Puja room. All of them act in similar fashion like metallic images of divine forces kept in the Puja room where an Oil Lamp is lighted. If you notice the picture frames of divines in olden periods, you will find only specific type of wooden frame have been used. Only specific wood has the power to absorb the energy waves from the Oil Lamp and radiate back the divine energies.

Besides the metallic objects pure vermilion, sandal, ash etc too  reconvert their basic qualities after absorbing the positive energies and reconvert their qualities in similar fashion to release divine energy atoms. This is the reason why pure turmeric based vermilion and pure sandal collected by grinding sandal wood on a stone is preferred for use in Puja rooms.

Pundits claim that even if one factor is eliminated in these three factors (Oil, Wick and prayer chants), the outcome will be negative. Another mysterious fact is that the radiation from the three factors are capable of arousing the divine atoms to help the positive energies fight the negative energies only during first part of the morning hours (may be up to 7 AM or so) and first part of evening (may be up to 8 PM or so) hours when the Sun and Moon rays activate the atoms to act thus. These invisible actions remain beyond our scope to understand.

The smoke from the Agarbathi kept lighted up in Puja rooms absorb the purified energies in Puja room and spread the space in entire house thereby allowing the positive energies to penetrate into the bodies of inmates. This is why in many of the houses where the daily prayers are done in faith by lighting an oil lamp, inspite of hurdles and obstacles occurring on account of sins and karma, which one has to undergo as destined, still positive energy   created by positive atoms give the inmates mental strength to bear the adversities, tension free in a mood of calmness.

This is the true concept and theory of lighting up oil lamps in the puja room.

Oil Lamp–  Oil to be used

In ancient days pure Cow ghee was used as medium of oil for lighting up the lamps in the Puja rooms when commodities were cheaper and life style was simpler. Therefore in those days people lived happily in a serene atmosphere. As days passed changes crept in and some other oils were used. However for general prosperity, health, wealth and happier family the following are best to use in the order of next good preferred one.

  • Cow Ghee
  • Pure Ghee from other animals
  • Gingili or Sesame oil
  • Mahua flower seed oil
  • Castor Oil

Though Pundits may say several reasons for use of specific oils including Neem and Coconut Oil etc for specific effects, it is for the individuals to believe and use. These days combination of oils too is out in the market and again it is left to individuals to adapt them. Be sure that you avoid use of groundnut oil which will not give any good effect.

Oil Lamp – Direction to face, Wicks to be used

How many wick faced lamps should be lighted every day, type of wick to be used and finally which direction the lamp should face.

Any lighted oil lamp should face North, East or West, but certainly not the South. When there is confusion just use the centre point wick lamps that face the air and space above where the divine forces reside.

Keeping the Lamps facing North is the most preferred direction to beget the grace from Goddess Mahalakshmi, the shower of wealth; East to beget mental peace and free of frequent illness; and finally towards West to win over enemies and free from debts. Some may even keep three Lamps -two in edges and one in centre. Yes that will do good provided each one of them is placed facing North, West and East thus covering all three sides. Even daily changing the direction of the lamp, each day facing particular direction and offering prayer will also do good. But be careful, never keep the lamps facing South.

Wick made of Cotton, banana stem fiber, Lotus stem fiber, certain other plant fibbers, different coloured clothes etc are suggested by the pundits and others. If we see scriptures and ancient days when the practice of lighting up the oil lamps commenced, and also as used in the temples one would have noticed only multi threaded pure cotton wicks were used. Even though for specific reasons specific type of wick is used, learned pundits always advice use of cotton wicks to light up the oil lamps at least once in the day –morning or evening.

What type of metallic lamps will be best suited for this purpose.  Lamps made of metals like Gold, Silver and Brass which are the best for lighting the lamp. Even the Earthen Lamps are best for use. The Lamps made of five metals can also be used. In whatever circumstances never use Lamps made of Stainless Steel. It will produce negative energies. 

While everyone uses one wick faced Lamps, the Pundits suggest lighting up two wick faced Lamps which represents Shiva and Sakthi. One can light up single faced Lamp on normal days and on auspicious days and special occasions, multi faced Lamps can be used. 

Some many believe that by lighting up multiple Lamps along with Lakshmi and Guber Lamps, the gain will be much more in terms of divine grace. But surely it will not happen. Whether you light up one Lamp or hundred Lamps, the effect will be same since the quantum of divine energy atoms radiated will remain the same as Brahman has stipulated that in one place only so much divine atoms will be radiated per day to fight the negative energies. Reason for such Brahman theory has been that if by lighting up several hundred Lamps huge quantum of divine energy can be got released for energizing the atmosphere, then people will not bother to light up the lamp daily as the job could be done in one day itself.

Therefore by lighting up multiple Lamps the divine energy will not increase the divine power to remove negative energies. Whether you light up one or hundred Lamps a day, the effect will be same. However if the Lamp is daily lit, the positive energies will continue to stay. These days many believe that by lighting up Lamps engraved with the images of Goddess Lakshmi or God Guber will bring more prosperity. This is also untrue as the lamps are simple metallic moulded ones. If however the Goddess Lakshmi or God Guber Lamps are that of mantra infused ones through specific puja or yagna, then the result will be different. Those who continue to lit the Oil Lamp twice daily in their puja room, and offer simple prayer, in days to come they will feel the serenity and calmness engulfing  their home. More than anything what is required is the faith.