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Raghuvamsa-1 (E)

Raghuvamsam-I (Written by:Santhipriya) Introduction Several centuries have passed, yet some of  the  epics  in Sanskrit and Tamil  are deeply  etched  in the mind  and memories of people, cherished even today and sails through...

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Raghuvamsam -2 (E)

Raghuvamsam-II (Written by:Santhipriya)   Dilipa gets the boon Agonized Dilipa regretted his past unintentional act  and sought the intervention of the Sage to atone the sin fearing backlash breaking the link in the lineage in...

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Raghuvamsam -3 (E)

Raghuvamsam-III (Written by:Santhipriya)   Birth of Raghu –  War with Indira Like clouds slowly moving, next few months passed in peace and Sudakshina conceived, soon  to give birth to a pleasing offspring much to the...

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Raghuvamsam 4 (E)

Raghuvamsam-IV (Written by:Santhipriya) Sage Kausta seeks alms – Raghu’s generosity When sage Kausta, the disciple of sage Varathanthu visited Raghu seeking wealth to clear his Master’s debt which was nothing but meed that...

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Raghuvamsam -5 (E)

Raghuvamsam-V(Written by:Santhipriya) Ayan weds Indumati -Dasaratha born  When the Swayamvara began in an ambient air, nobly attired  Princess  Indumati crisscrossed  each row in the lofty hall  to make...

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Raghuvamsam -6 (E)

Raghuvamsam-VI (Written by:Santhipriya) Indumati’s death- Dasaratha enthroned Ayan’s rule was upright, rival kings’ smited down but not when they remained mute.  Nature gave the glorious hero unclouded happiness and many gems,...

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Raghuvamsam -7 (E)

Raghuvamsam-VII (Written by:Santhipriya)   Dasaratha cursed Self disciplined Dasaratha who succeeded Ayan, ruled his folks in righteous glory spreading his power wide and wise subduing his foes in the nobler manner. As Ayan’s...

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Raghuvamsam – 9 (E)

Raghuvamsam-IX (Written by:Santhipriya)   Rama Marries Sita and Parasurama’s pride contained Skilled archers from the assemblage anxiously waited for their turn to win the prized catch, one behind the other marched forward and...

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Raghuvamsam – 8 (E)

Raghuvamsam-VIII (Written by:Santhipriya)   Viswamithra holds Yahya and Rama attends Sita’s Swayamvara   So the years rolled on and the young charming lads with dark curls on head grew well, remaining dissevered from each,...

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Raghuvamsam -10 (E)

Raghuvamsam-X (Written by:Santhipriya) Rama Banished, Jadayu martyred and Ravana’s death  Everyone were elated and rejoiced on hearing the series of events and valor of the twin brothers that ultimately led to Rama’s wedding...

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Raghuvamsam -11 (E)

Raghuvamsam-XI (Written by:Santhipriya) Kingdom restored Lava-Kusha born After Ravana was slain, Rama along with Sita travelled in the magic car- Pushpak vimana- which passed through various places Rama’s feet touched while in...

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Raghuvamsam -12 (E)

Raghuvamsam-XII (Written by:Santhipriya) Rama-Lashman and Sita fades away Raghu’s lineage Even in the midst of mire controversies here and there, Rama’s land continued to expand in territories. Then one day came sage...

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Raghuvamsam – 13 (E)

Raghuvamsam-XIII (Written by:Santhipriya) Kusa Marries   Naga Princess Thus with the exit of Rama and his brothers in Raghu’s line, their sons in order chose as their leader Kusa, who in all respects was valor and mighty amongst...

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Raghuvamsam -14 (E)

Raghuvamsam-XIV (Written by:Santhipriya) Raghuvamsa-  Beginning of an end After Kumudavathi bore a noble son great Athithi,Kusa went on war spree in several directions expanding the Kingdom. There was no dearth of happiness or...

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Raghuvamsam – 15 (E)

Raghuvamsam-XV (Written by:Santhipriya)   End of Raghu Dynasty After years of glorious rule end enjoying the earthly life, Sudarshan, fed up in life, handed over the throne to his son Agnivarunan and retired to Naimisaranya’s...

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