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பலராம அவதாரம்

பலராம  அவதாரம் சாந்திப்பிரியா  இராமாயண யுத்தம் முடிந்து பகவான் ராமர்  அவர் மனைவி சீதா தேவி மற்றும் பகவான் லஷ்மணர் சமேதியாக அயோத்திக்குத் திரும்பினார்கள். அதன் பின் பல நிகழ்ச்சிகள் நடந்தேறின. பகவான் ராமரும், பகவான்  லஷ்மணரும்...

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யமதர்மராஜர் சாந்திப்பிரியா நீதியைக் காக்கும் கடவுள், நியாயத்தைத் தரும் கடவுள் அல்லது மரணத்தின் கடவுள் என்று யமதர்மராஜரைக் குறித்து கூறுவார்கள். கருமை  நிறத்துடன் பயங்கரமான உருவைக் கொண்டவரே யம பெருமான் ஆவார். அவருக்கு வேத...

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Yama Dharmaraj

Yama Dharmaraj Santhipriya Yama Dharmaraja is considered to be the God of justice or the God of death. He is dark complexioned and have fearsome look.   Although he was not worshiped in any of the temples during the era of Veda,...

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Ashwarooda Devi (E)

Ashwarooda Devi was an emanation of Goddess Tripurasundari. She was created from the noose held by Tripurasundari. Why was she created?   Once in a Yagna performed by Goddess Parvathi’s father Daksha, she was insulted and...

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Kaligambal (E)

One of the most famous and several centuries year old temple for Goddess Kaligambal,an aspect of Goddess Kamatchi Amman exists in a busy and congested street in heart of Chennai, Tamilnadu. Unfortunately many are unaware of its...

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Goddess Jhesta Devi (Goddess Moodevi)- E

Generally at home the one who is useless, ill lucked and personified with laziness and characters of dumbness are scolded by elders as ‘Moodevi’ meaning useless in all senses. Goddess Moodevi is elder sister of Goddess Lakshmi,...

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Goddess Bagalamukhi (E)

Bagalamuki Devi Santhipriya   Madhya Pradesh is decked with several tantric temples. Most of them were reportedly established during the reign of King Vikramaditya, ruler of Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh who regularly visited...

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Saptha Kanniga (E)

   (Santhipriya) One may have seen a group of seven or eight virgin mothers (deities) either seated or in standing posture in most of the temples. They are known as Saptha or Astha Kannigas or Saptha or Astha Mathrikas. In...

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Shri Azhagu Siddhar (E)

Muthu Aiyanar temple is in Thenambakkam, Pondicherry. Traveling from Pondicherry one can reach this temple via Villianoor or Yaembalam two small helmets on way. The temple complex has full of dolls and idols in various shapes...

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Goddess Seethal Maatha (E)

Like Mariamman in South, Goddess Seethal Maatha is worshipped  in many parts of north India since the devotees feel that the deity cures many dreaded diseases including small pox and chicken pox besides inducing rain whenever it...

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