-Mother Meera-

Questions and Answers

1. Q:- The work of the mother in the whole world is going on all the time now, Isn’t it?

Mother Meera:- All the time. The conscience of mankind is being prepared for great leap and discoveries- in a gentle way wherever is possible. But something will have to be destroyed. I do not like to destroy. I like to change things. But where there is no openness, there must be destruction. However God is giving the man a great chance. Many divine persons are here. We are showing a man a way out, we are offering him the divine light, the divine knowledge. We are bringing down into the consciousness of the earth the divine consciousness. Now man must choose. Man is free, God will not force his children to do anything. He wants their free love. Mercy and love are always there.

2. Q:- You have brought down the Paramatman Light to help speed the work of world and individual transformation. Is there an aspect to your work other than that of bringing down the Light?

Mother Meera:- I have come to say that all paths are as good as each other and all lead to the divine and that therefore the various believers should respect each other’s ways. For example Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other religious people can believe and follow their own faith, but should not hate or fight each other’s faith. People who follow any path can come to me – I help them to remember the Divine and give them peace and happiness when they are in trouble.

3. Q:- What is your main purpose?

Mother Meera:- It is to help humans and make them happy, peaceful, contented, harmonious and loving. Happiness and spiritual growth are connected. Being peaceful and being happy form the most important foundations of spiritual practice. Then the practice goes by itself.

4. Q:- I am afraid, Mother, when people come to see you they interfere with your work. Is it true?

Mother Meera:--Nothing can and nothing will interfere in my work. If the whole world come to me, my work would not be interrupted of deflected for a moment. I am working in all planes. I am working everywhere. This earth is only one of the planes where I am working. How could anyone disturb my work?

Paramatman Light

5. Q:- What is the importance of Paramatman Light?

Mother Meera:- I called down the Paramatman Light. The Paramatman Light is in everywhere. The work of transformation will be done much more quickly, providing people are open. Even of they are not open now, the pressure and the power of the Light are so great that they will become open.

6. Q:- What does it mean to  bring down the Paramatman Light? Isn’t Paramatman already everywhere?

Mother Meera:-The Paramatman Light is everywhere, but when one needs it, one must know, when, where, how and for what to use it. The Light was always there, I prayed to Paramatman, the Supreme Being to be able to use it. The Light has never been used before. Like electricity it is everywhere, but one must know how to activate it. I have come for that.

7. Q:- According to the Mother you worked with other divine beings to bring down the Paramatman Light. Was this the first time in the history of the Earth that this Light has been brought down?

Mother Meera:-Mr. Reddy asked a famous pundit, a Vedic scholar, who looked through the ancient texts and said that this is indeed the first time it has been brought down.

8. Q:-Is it your divine mind that is directing the Paramatman Light?

Mother Meera:- It is not helpful to use the words like mind, the process simply takes place.

9. Q:- Do you bring down lights from different places or do you work with the Paramatman Light alone?

Mother Meera:- I work with the Paramatman Light as well as with lights from other places of God and Goddesses.

10. Q:-Did you have to be in the world for the Light to enter it?

Mother Meera:- Yes

11. Q:-If you leave your body, will the light leave with you?

Mother Meera:- It will stay, it will continue. Each Avatar brings down a particular Light which changes human history. We have to try to reveal that Light which is hidden in us as a bud. It must blossom like a flower. In all things everywhere, in all beings, the Light is hidden and it must be revealed. If we try with all our hearts we will be successful. I want the Paramatman Light to blossom everywhere.

Paramatman and his Light

12. Q:- Would you describe Paramatman?

Mother Meera:-Paramatman is infinite Light and is the source of all, of being, knowledge, bliss, of peace of each Atman, each soul.

13. Q:- Is there a difference between Paramatman and his Light?

Mother Meera:- In a way. Paramatman is in everything, in all creation-earth, water, fire, air, sky, animals- at all times. But we can see the Light only sometimes. The Light has the quality of love, grace, power, bliss, gnana. Without it nothing can exist.

14. Q:- What is the Paramatman Light like?

Mother Meera:- It is colorless, but has every color in it and the color and the force of every light of every plane. It is in everywhere and in everything.

15. Q:- How do you experience Paramatman? Do you experience Him with form?

Mother Meera:- I experience Paramatman as Light. It is usually white, sometimes has color.

16. Q:- Are all lights from the same source?

Mother Meera:- Yes, but each Guru and God has its own Light with different qualities. What you receive depends on what you worship.

17. Q:- Can other Gurus use the Paramatman Light to help their devotees?

Mother Meera:- Human Gurus can not use it. However since Avatar comes from Paramatman, they all naturally work with the Paramatman light. But working with the Light is not the same as bringing down the Light. I am bringing down the Light for general protection of the life of all things and all creatures.

Divine Mother

18. Q:- What is the difference between God, Shakthi and the Divine mother?

Mother Meera:- Paramatman is everything. Shakthi is only one part, only a small portion of his power and Light.Paramatman creates everything and Shakthi, God and Goddess protects creations. The Shakthi is more powerful than the Divine mother. The Shakthi has no form although we may imagine her having one.She is worshiped separately from Paramatman and is independent of our prayers –what she wants to do she will do.The Shakthi can not be controlled; when we worship her we can only surrender. On the other hand the Divine mother answers all our prayers. She has love for humans and promotes harmony and peace.

19. Q:- Is the Divine mother completely surrendered to Paramatman?

Mother Meera:- There is a mutual understanding between Divine mother and Paramatman. It is not the question of surrender.

20. Q:- Are there other incarnations of Divine mother on earth at this time?

Mother Meera:- Yes, many. Some will be known, others wish to remain secret. The work of each is different. Each expresses a different aspect of the Divine mother. My scope is very large and integral. I help people in all stages of life, and I also work with Shri. Aurobindo and Sweet Mother.  

Mother Meera

21. Q:- Did you incarnate knowing that you are divine?

Mother Meera:- Before coming here I knew who I was , knew that I would incarnate and what my work would be. The mother is beyond time.

22. Q: Have you ever been a human being?

Mother Meera:- No

23. Q:-To which of the aspects of the Divine Mother mentioned by Aurobindo in his book The Mother- Maheswari, Maha saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, Mahakali – do you feel closest and are there others besides these that play a part in your work?

Mother Meera:- I have all the four aspects, but more of the quality of Durga. Durga has more patience than the others. Durga is the aspect of the mother that loves her children more and that punishes less. She forgives. Durga loves humans more than do the other Goddesses. When Durga destroys, she destroys what is necessary not with anger but with love. Durga will always come down to whatever level she is needed. You can think of her in many ways-as a mother, a teacher, a father.

24. Q:- Do you change ?

Mother Meera:- My body changes and your perception of me changes as you grow in knowledge. I have always been the same and will always be the same.

25. Q:- Would you say something about your experience of the world and of God?

Mother Meera:- Although I may be sitting here, I have my own way of traveling to other places. Although my body is in a particular place, I am simultaneously be elsewhere, Thalheim for example. I know past, present and future simultaneously, so there is no duality. Awareness is always there, so there is only the One.

26. Q:- You have often said that for you that there is no ‘separation’ any time. What do you mean?

Mother Meera:- For me there is no difference between here and there, high and low. Everything is God, every activity is divine, all the worlds and all the Gods are here.

27. Q:- Can you contact the souls of people who died several years ago?

Mother Meera:- I can know whether the soul is in good condition or not, but I can not tell where the soul will be born next.

28. Q:- People imagine that the Avatar should know everything on every plane like a kind of super computer.

Mother Meera:- As the mother I have my own special work which I know exactly and precisely how to accomplish. This has nothing to do with any other work I may do. I may at times not know. It is not my work to ‘know’ everything such as where a missing hammer is.

29. Q:- Can you offer your own sufferings and thus transform it.

Mother Meera:- You have the chance to offer your pain to me, but I can not offer my pain to anybody but Paramatman. Suffering comes from the Supreme. Both Light and pain come from there. The Avatar has a dharma like everybody else, and must bear the pain of being an Avatar. This is my part in the play. I must do what the Supreme say.

30. Q:- Will you again incarnate on earth?

Mother Meera:- I do not know. It depends firstly on the sanction of Paramatman and secondly on the strong wishes and prayers of devotees for me to incarnate.

31. Q:- Have some of the devotees incarnated with you before?

Mother Meera:- No, but they have had relationships with Divine. The power of the various masters is the same, what attracts the devotees are the personalities of the masters.

32. Q:- Do you ever feel that your devotees want to possess you ?

Mother Meera:- Many people think they can own me, but I will always escape. I have always been and will always be free.

33. Q:- Devotees often feel that you like them more or less than others or that you are angry or happy with them. Do you have feelings about the various devotees in this way?

Mother Meera:- When people have to work with me they are more likely to experience these feelings. It is not that I like one more than the other; with whom I work depends on what work needs to be done. My love is equal to all. Sometimes I become angry while working with some one who insist on doing something his or her own way when I know it will take too much time and it is not good. But this anger which is rare, arises only in work situations. I do not become angry at the devotee who does something bad to another, for example. I change him or her.


34. Q:- Avatars are the incarnations of the Divine come to help her creatures. Is each Avatar an incarnation of an aspect of the Divine or of the total Divine?

Mother Meera:- God and the Avatars are in one way the same and another way different. The Avatar comes from God and has the power and Light of God. But we can differentiate because the Avatar has a human body while God has no form and yet all forms. Each Avatar is the manifestation of a part of the Divine of Paramatman.

35. Q:- Why do Westerners find it difficult to believe in Avatars?

Mother Meera:- Westerners gives excessive importance to the material world view. Because their material lives proceed systematically, they have little time or impetus to consider the possibility of an Avatar. Even when an Avatar comes, the Westerners are not willing to give the time to meet him or her.

36. Q:- Can the whole Divine incarnate in one body?

M.M:- You can not say that  the whole of Paramatman is in the Avatar’s body because the body is a limitation, where as Paramatman is limitless. The Avatar incarnates a part of the Divine but can call upon any of the Divine powers it needs at any moment for any purpose.

37. Q:- How is it possible that the Avatar becomes sick? Surely they don’t have personal Karma.

Mother Meera:- Avatars do not have a particular Karma. Since they are in the world, they have bodies of the same material as do others. The bodies are subject to natures laws with their inevitable suffering. Some times Avatars take care of disciples and do not take care of themselves; sometimes Avatars take on the Karma of disciples. But the pain experienced by the Avatars is not felt so deeply, is not experienced as suffering.

38. Q:- How is the work of an Avatar different from that of a self realized Guru?

Mother Meera:- Avatars come from the Divine, while self realized persons go to the Divine. Avatars are always one with God and never lose awareness of the Divine, unlike Gurus who began ignorant. To become realized, people –through spiritual practice, meditation and Japa- work hard and then reap the fruit. Since they have worked strenuously, they expect others to work as they have; they do not have as much patience as do divine personalities. Also Avatars can change things faster.

Opening to the Light

39. Q:- When people ask for your help you simply say yes. How do you help them?

Mother Meera:- There are different lights which serve different purposes. I send whichever light is needed.

40. Q:- What are the different lights and what are the characteristics of each

Mother Meera:- Golden and white are the lights of Paramatman and are the main ones. The other light belongs to Avatars, God and Goddesses. The light of Durga is Red and is characterized by power. The blue light is Krishna and is the light of knowledge and love. Violet  light is the physical health. Green is the color of the life force in the material world. Orange is the color of sacrifice, the color of sanyasins.

41. Q:- I get the impression from reading The Mother that there is a specific moment when one receive any of the Light- the Supramental or Paramatman. Isn’t one always receive it to some degree?

Mother Meera:- Humans do not receive the Light continuously, but only at special moments, such as in Darshan. During pranaam and Darshan the action of the Light is to create a balance between worldly and spiritual life. Apart from Darshan, there are rare moments of reception of the Light that bring the devotee rapid spiritual growth.

42. Q:- How do we receive the Light and when do we feel when we receive it?

Mother Meera:- People receive it in many ways. Some receive it through the head, some receive through the fingers- what do details matter? It is the effect that matters; an unmistakable and extraordinary lightness, happiness and peace. The Supramental Light can burn slightly when you receive it, the Supreme Light does not hurt. You can receive the Light anywhere and at any time. Knowing that open to it without delay. There is no time to waste.

43. Q:- Why is Darshan performed so simply without singing for example?

Mother Meera:- People are too active and rarely sit quite. In silence one can receive more because all men’s activities becomes centralized at one point. My teaching is to give only the essence, the Divine that which is necessary. I need exactly what is needed by each person. Paramatman is silent. God is silent. Everything comes out of silence. In silence more work can be done. The true experience of bliss is without words. 

44. Q:- When we have your Darshan we do pranaam (bow down) in front of you and you take our heads between your hands. What are you doing ?

Mother Meera:- On the back of the human being is a white line running up from toes to the head. In fact two lines start from the toes, raise along the legs, join at the base of the spine and then become a single line reaching to the top of the head. This line is thinner than a hair, and has some knots in it here and there which divine personalities help to undo. It is a very delicate work and great care has to be taken to undo the knots as there is danger for your life if the thread is broken. When I am holding your head I am untying these knots. I am also removing other kinds of obstacles to your sadhana, your practice. When I touch your head, the light moves upwards in the white line. It indicates like a meter the development of your sadhana. When there is no progress the Light moves downwards along the line showing the degree to which your sadhana has deteriorated. When the light is continuous from toes to the top of the head, the person may have many experiences and visions, although some people have visions and experiences without this white line. When the line gets to the top of the head people have the Paramatman Darshan. When the line has gone above the head, then there is a constant relation with Paramatman. If your aspiration weakens the line moves downwards as I said. One day you might even fall from your sadhana. This is a great crisis, which can however be prevented. In the front of the body are two Red lines, starting from the toes growing gradually upwards on either side of the legs tending to meet at the base of the spine where the white lines become a single line. If the Red lines reach the white line, you will achieve absolute detachment. This rarely happens and only to those who have the Divine Shakthi. By the growth of the white and Red lines the sadhana will be established permanently without possibility of a fall. If the Red lines develop fully you will reach greater heights. The white lines will also help to support the experiences of those who have a psychic opening.  Even when there is a psychic opening, there is still the possibility that it will close. The opening of the psychic is effective for sadhana, but it is not enough. The establishment of the Red and white lines will help you to keep the psychic continually open. If the psychic can be compared to a flower, the lines are the plant itself. 

45. Q:- When we have done pranaam we look into your eyes in silence. What are you doing?

Mother Meera:- I am looking into every corner of your being. I am looking at everything within you to see where I can give healing and power. At the same time I am giving Light to every part of your being, I am opening every part of yourself to Light. When you are open you will feel and see this clearly.

46. Q:- How does the work that you do during pranaam differ from that during Darshan. Does it work on  a different part of the being?

Mother Meera:- The work of each is different. During pranaam the work is on the deep aspect of the being, the soul, while darshan helps the personality and the life situation.

47. Q:- In darshan, do you always use the Light to do your work or do you also work in some other way ?

Mother Meera:- It is with the Light alone that my help comes.

48. Q:- When we feel your energy strongly, is it helpful to direct it to others who need help?

Mother Meera:- You can not transmit the Light to others. The Light comes to you is helpful only for you.                                                 

49. Q: Many people longing for spiritual life have questions about sexuality. Should those who enter on the spiritual way exclude sexuality from their life?

Mother Meera:- Sexuality is not at all important in spirituality. A spiritual person may choose to have or not to have sexual relations. Spirituality and sexuality are different things.

50. Q:- What do you think about abortions?

Mother Meera:- All the cause of the loss of pregnancy could be considered abortion. We can not generalize that abortion is good or bad, it depends on circumstances and motivation. Having too many children may mean poverty for a family or a lack of education. This would be a punishment for the other children. In general, it is not good to force people to have unwanted babies.

51. Q:- Is there a significance to being born as twins?

Mother Meera:- In one life, the two people experienced pain when they were separated, so now they incarnate together.