Ascetics or Supernal possessing mystic power are called Siddah Purush. They are considered to have won over the time. The Ascetic (Siddah Purush) who live in dense jungles, caves and even open spaces unmindful of weather conditions, perform wonders beyond nature and ones imagination.  Some believe that the Supernal (Siddha Purush) are eternal, but that is not true. Those who are born on earth are destined to shed their body one day or the other, but the real difference between a Supernal and humans are that  Siddah Purush can shrink and expand their body in seconds, fly  on air like a plane, enter into the body of even dead to revive them shedding their own body. They can remain in the state of samadhi without food and water for years together, foresee  events of  tomorrow and even beyond several years. They can instantly cure any ailments.

But real Supernal would not normally indulge in acts of performing miracles often and on but rarely display their power  for the sake of humanity like instantly curing someone’s illness or wipe out their miseries because they are the agents of divine forces on earth.  However they would not exercise their power to each and everyone who reach them, for they realize that those who had committed sins in the past will have to atone it in their present birth, lest the sins called karma will be carried by them over few more births. They  also know exercising extraordinary powers with them will be against the canon of divine justice. Therefore all that an Ascetic does is  to help the people undertake sincere penance praying almighty in some form or the other to reduce the intensity and magnitude their sufferings provided they are sincere in their act of atonement.

It is generally believed that the Ascetics and Supernal originally manifested  only in India as agents of divine. The reason could be  sacred Himalayas where Lord Shiva supposedly resides with his consort and other  Celestial is in India . This is the land where sacred rivers like river Saraswathi, Thambrabarani, Ganges and other such rivers were born and ran over many other lands. Several disciples of the great Ascetics who originally manifested in Indian soil  travelled to many places carrying messages of their masters thus spreading the fame of Supernal all over the world.  Once upon a time Srilanka was  part of  Indian landscape and perhaps the reason why many powerful and famous Supernal  lived in Lankan side of the territory. It is generally believed that there were many no of Ascetics and Supernal in Srilanka, more than in Indian part. Few famous  amongst them were:  

  • Kadayir Swamigal
  • Paramaguru Swamigal
  • kuzhanthai Swamigal
  • Navanatha Swamigal
  • Periya yaanai  kutti Swamigal
  • Sinthanai  kutti Swamigal
  • Sadaivarada Swamigal
  • Mahadeva Swamigal
  • Naganaatha Siththar Swamigal
  • Nayinaa theevu Swamigal
  • Chellappa Swamigal
  • Kudai Swamigal

Kudai Swamigal one of the most renounced amongst Siddah Purush has displayed several miracles during his life time. It is believed that he was born to Shri Nagendran and Shrimathi Aachipillai in Kumarakottam in the year 1897. The original name of Kudai Swamigal was Kanthaiya Swamigal who initially engaged himself in agricultural work. Side by side he also engaged himself in manufacturing Cigar. Supernal Mahadeva Swamigal was his guru. Kudai Swamigal got married at the right age, but in the year 1930 when his wife died all of a sudden, frustrated Swamigal self denied all comforts and shed family life to enter into the path of spirituality, soon to become sanyasi (ascetic).

Once he took up sanyas he led a very simple life. He always carried  in hand an umbrella, wore a small dhoti covering up the body from hip to knee. He never wore any cloth to cover his upper body. Never used a slippers nor shaved his beard. His body was found slightly bend, and moved in peculiar manner like  limping or  jumping.   He used to sleep only on plain floor or over dried hay stacks in the fields or over stacked cut woods .

None could vouch where Kudai Swamigal would enter when he walked in their streets. Suddenly he would enter someones’ house and ask for food, but before the inmates bring food, he would disappear. He would not be traced anywhere near. Some considered him to be insane, but many believed that he possessed supernatural powers and was a great personality.  Many who happened to experienced the erratic behaviour of Swamigal confirmed that they gained unexpected wealth when Swamigal visited them and vanished without leaving any trace. On many occasions he had forewarned people of impending danger and true to his pronouncement, the events occurred. Perhaps all these acts might have won him several devotees.

The belief was so deep that irrespective of one’s stature whomsoever house  he entered, rich or poor, rich gained more wealth and misery and poverty of those who were poor vanished. He rarely spoke and never even answered to the queries of each and everyone.  If he spoke to someone, they would feel blessed. All of sudden he would call someone from the street and forewarn them of some impending ominous event to occur and true to his warning they would find inauspicious event occurring at their home. On many occasions Kudai Swamigal also forewarned of good or bad events only by gesture without uttering a word by mouth. Those who could correctly understand the implication of that  gesture were considered lucky.

It is said that once a Police officer pushed him down to shame him publicly. But very soon he lost  sense on the very same hand by which he pushed him, and could not move the hand too. He realized his folly of shaming Kudai Swamigal by pushing him down and therefore ran to him seeking pardon. Swamigal blessed him and he got the ailment instantly cured. Similarly he told a farmer that he would reap big harvest on a particular period and that it turned out to be true. Several such stories were in circulation on him. The ascetic passed away in the year 1978, but beyond the above information not much is known about him.  

Kudai Swami’s Statue @ Cosy restaurant Jaffna

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