29. One may tend ask as to why we should discuss about the creation of Cosmic as our subject matter is Kula Devatha or Tutelary/Family deities. Unless a portion of the aspects of creation is read and understood, the role of certain divines who had manifested from whom several divines including Kula Devatha or Tutelary/Family deities manifested before the humans appeared would have remained unknown. The Kula Devatha or Tutelary/Family deities did not manifest immediately after the cosmic was released by Parabrahman because the land was not ready to accommodate the humans, the prime divines from whom the Kula Devatha or Tutelary/Family deities came out were not released and finally there was no human on land. The Kula Devatha or Tutelary/Family deities were needed only to guide and guard a group of human families in area specific assigned to them. They were not ready. Why because after Parabrahman released the Cosmic, it took several billion years for the land to be made livable, and the work required the active role of few basic divines who were released by  Parabrahman in the first instance even before Lord Brahma was released. Also the said time period was required for Parabrahman to get the shape and appearances of several thousands of  divines made ready by divine shilpi to manifest on the land getting ready for human habitation. Keep in mind that the humans and divines did not appear instantly after the Cosmic was released by Paramatman and both of them appeared several billion years after the Cosmic was shaped to accommodate the humans. Besides the Scientific theory which support the above theory, even hints are available in our puranic texts in this respect.
30. According to the Puranic texts and beliefs, ever pervading Parabrahman, unknown, invisible super power, when decided to create Cosmic, produced out of his own body, a land consisting of water and in that he threw some seed (the seed referring to creation) which turned in to be an Golden Egg. After carefully analysing all aspects for over a year** , he broke the Egg into two pieces to convert them as Earth and Heaven and in between kept empty space referring it as Aakasa (Ref: Manusmrithi Verses 1.8 to 1.13). **An year in divine world is far different period than what we know in human years. For example one day period of Lord Brahma himself was stated to be 4.32 million years and night period equally same both totalling to 8.64 million human years per day. All those were happening within his body, and then he released from him, the visible Earth embedded with hidden Ocean before releasing divines. The act of releasing the Cosmic through an egg by Parabrahman is perhaps what is described by the scientists as Big Bang Theory.
31.The spiritual masters believe that the earth consisting of vast sea and moving plane called Land imbibed with the qualities of four Yugas were actually lying inactive within the energy rays of Parabrahman and they were only brought out by Parabrahman and activated before he began the creation through Lord Brahma. The scientists support this belief when they say “For something to exist, there must be material or a component available, and for them to be available, there must be something else available. Where did the material come from that created the Big Bang, and what happened in the first instance to create that material?” (Ref: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220105-what-existed-before-the-big-bang). The unanswered question to scientists ‘where did the material come from that created the Big Bang’ points out spiritually to invisible Parabrahman.
32.If we believe the Big Bang theory, Cosmic or the Universe was created before 13.7 or 13.8 billion years while the Vedic scientists believe that it may have been much older than believed in the Big Bang theory. Whatever it be, the evolution have been gradual in the cosmic and it took billions of years to convert into livable land.
33.According to the theory floated by the scientists, the universe of the present day has developed in four to five stages from the time the cosmic was created. Initially when the cosmic was created, it was filled with densely covered dust particles blocking visibility, filled with gas, molten rocks, and appeared completely dark without any light. Slowly over the years as the dust particles settled down, universe began to receive some form of light freed of darkness and the land began to expand.
34.What was the condition of the earth when the land emerged from Parabrahman and how was it activated? The most accepted Big Bang theory is the leading explanation for how the universe began. It says that the universe as we know it today started with an ‘infinitely hot and dense single point’ that inflated and stretched.
35.The ‘infinitely hot and dense single point’ referred to by the Big Bang theory might have been Lord Sun who may have been released by Parabrahman along with the Cosmic, but to remain in invisible form. Most scientists agree that the atmosphere and the ocean accumulated gradually over millions and millions of years with the continual degassing of the earth’s interior surface which was found filled with complete gas which was water.
36.The scientists pointed out that around 4.5 billion years ago, no liquid water was present anywhere on Earth. The Earth was so hot that the rocks were molten (they were liquid). When volcanic eruptions took place like thunder and lightening, one of the gases came out as steam (water vapor). Scientists opined that the water was present in the form of gas until the Earth cooled down, the water vapor condensed and rained back onto the surface of the Earth for millions of years. Spiritually speaking the earth may have been cooled off by the invisible Lord Moon and Lord Vayu who may have also been released by Parabrahman while Lord Sun was released as they were responsible for the nature’s act. As the water drained into the great hollows in the Earth’s surface, the primeval ocean came into existence to become a huge ocean on land in the universe. The one who caused the rain, thunder and lightening in the form of volcanic eruptions was again the invisible Lord  Varuna who would have also been created by Parabrahman. In addition to Lords Sun, Moon, Varuna and Vayu, one other created by Parabrahman may have been Lord Indira who controls the sky, lightning, weather, thunder, storms, rains, river flows etc as leader of heaven in tandem with other Lords. But all their acts may have  remained in the background only for the purpose of molding the earth released by Parabrahman.
37.Parabrahman was well aware that it would take several billions of years to get the Land and Ocean get ready to make it livable as the Earth and the Ocean (water) are the most needed planes for the humans or the creatures to live and survive. Hence after the Earth was brought out from inside the body of invisible Parabrahman, next most important need was creation of Ocean (water) and few important divines which controlled the nature. Hence the  invisible Lords Sun, Moon, Varuna and Vayu along with Lord Indira may have been released by him till the land was made ready and then they may have been absorbed back to manifest afresh through prime divines.
38. The scientific revelations support the theory that it has taken more than 13 billion years for the Earth and Ocean to settle down in the manner stated in pre paras to accommodate the living beings and hence Parabrahman (Supreme Power) waited that long for the release of divines and other creatures through Lord Brahma. According to scientific studies 55 to 60 million years ago initial souls released by Lord Brahma  may have taken the shape of the primates which were in the form of  15-20 species from which some kind of human forms surfaced six to eight million years ago. This is narrated in detail in later part under creations of Lord Brahma.

39.The above clearly suggest that after the Cosmic with Earth and Ocean were created by Parabrahman, something like 13.699 billion years may have been taken for the universe to expand and expand to get ready with vital aspects like Ocean, rivers and light to accommodate the souls of floating, movable – immovable subjects, male and female souls (to represent the theory of Shiva sakthi which is combined power of male-female powers) and all other species of several types created by Lord Brahma.
40.Therefore the Pundits opined that Parabrahman may have utilized the period of something like 13.699 billion years to create various divines forces from his divine energies and shaped them with the help of Divine Shilpi Viswakarma who was seated inside the body of Parabrahman.This is explained in the later part of the article.

Part-4 Continued…….

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