Clarification to some of the queries on 
Kuber Yanthra Pooja 

(1) While performing the Kuber Pooja which side should the performer face ?

The Kuber Pooja mentioned by me should be performed by the devotees facing the North as Lord Kuber is the authority on North side.

(2) While Goddess Lakshmi devi is bestower of wealth, instead of performing Pooja to her why should one perform Pooja to Lord Kuber ? What is the sanctity?

Lord Siva appointed Goddess Lakshmi as bestower of wealth. While Goddess Lakshmi was bestower of wealth, Lord Kuber was also appointed to assist her and to be the custodian of the treasures of Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Kuber stays in a place called Kuber city in Azhagapuram in Devaloga. Even if Goddess Lakshmi grants wealth to someone who pray her,  Lord Kuber can dissuade her citing ill of the person and come in the way of possessing her grace. Therefore since both are together in the act of bestowing wealth Lord Kuber too needs to be pleased to gain wealth. There is another lore in Puranas that state that when Lord Kuber lost entire wealth to Ravan and sought asylum from Goddess Lakshmi, she was compassionate enough to grant him not only wealth, but also appointed him the guardian of her treasure house. Therefore the belief is that unless Lord Kuber opens up the treasure box, one may not gain wealth and hence, Lord Kuber needs to be worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi whenever one seeks the grace from the Goddess for wealth.

When Lord Shiva appointed both Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, he simultaneously bestowed additional special powers to perform the function effectively. He bestowed Lord Kuber authority over nine devaloga treasures like Padmanithi, Mahapadmanithi, Magarapathmanithi, Katchapapadmanithi, Kumuthanithi, Nandanithi, Sangunithi, Neelanithi and Yoganithi. The three most important powers of treasures (Nithi) amongst them are Sangunithi act of which continue to bestow wealth like the water flowing out of a sea conch, Padmanithi which represents Lotus flower and like the layers in a lotus flower the grace will cause the treasure to multiply one after other and finally the unexpected wealth derived by one called Yoganithi. Lord Kuber exercises these three nithis in each of the three worlds like Pathaal, Boologa and Devaloga. Therefore the three aspects of treasures x three Logas are represented by way of nine squares.

Similarly Goddess Lakshmi was empowered to take eight more secondary manifestations since wealth alone will not give pleasure in life. By the eight additional manifestations in the name of Ashta Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth  grant to her devotees Grains, Courage, Offspring, Victory, Knowledge, Respect, Happiness, Prosperity etc. Thus Goddess Mahalakshmi stay in the nine squares of the Yanthra in nine forms which includes her real form. Therefore order to achieve the above without hurdles, Lord Kuber who assists Goddess Mahalakshmi need to be worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi to gain wealth and other eight aspects.

3) How is Kuber Yanthra considered to be distinctive from other Yanthra to beget wealth?

Kuber Yanthra is indeed different and distinct from other Yanthra. This powerful Yanthra comprises of nine squares. How significant are the nine squares?

Total up the numerals of any three boxes – sideways or top to bottom or even in cross direction, the total will lead to figure 9 only (72 i.e. 7 + 2 =9). Total up the nos of all the nine boxes, it will still lead to only figure 9 (216 = 2 + 1 + 6 =9).

Now total up the first no from each boxes, it will work out to 18, again leading to No 9 ( 1+8 = 9). Total up the first no 2 in each of the three boxes either side wise or top to bottom row wise, it will be 6. View the No from above, you will see only figure 9.

Similarly total up the second no either in each side squares or three squares from top to bottom, it will only end up with figure 9. Total up the entire second no, it will be 36, again leading to figure 9 only (3 + 6 = 9).

Now multiply the entire nos from all the boxes. It will only lead to figure 9.

27 x 20 x 25 x 22 x 24 x 26 x 23 x 28 x 21= 780832483200 = 45 =9.

See another aspect with the second no in each of the  boxes. You will find Nos from 0 to 8. This represents Ashta Lakshmi. The zero is her real form while the other eight are her secondary manifestations. Thus Goddess Lakshmi appears in nine forms in nine squares and bestow the total wealth needed for her devotees.

4) What is the theory of the Kuber Yanthra?

One can see figure 2 in each of the boxes. Figure 2 represents oneness of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber (1+1=2) in granting overall wealth. Seated in the centre of the boxes (No 24) they bestow total wealth from all eight directions (Ashta Disha).  Since each side has two directions amongst them wealth will flow from eight directions when pooja is performed to this Yanthra (4 sides x 2 directions each = 8 directions).

This is why it is believed that by performing Pooja to this powerful Kuber Yanthra one will acquire enormous wealth through Lord Kuber and from Goddess Ashta Lakshmi. However the nos in each of the squares may have been formulated based on Tantra and Mantra calculations which is not clear to us.

The word Sree found on the four sides represents Goddess Parasakthi who resides in Sripuram in Himalayas along with Lord Shiva. Since the universe has been created and under the control of Paramathman which is Siva Sakthi, this Yanthra too is possessed with abundant grace of Siva Sakthi.