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Panchamuga Hanuman (E)

Worship of Panchamuga Hanuman at home by applying Sandal paste and Cinnabar   -Is it correct?- -Santhipriya- Universally Hanuman is worshiped in temples and in Prayer halls in private houses. The most common form of worship is...

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Nakuleswar Temple (English)

-: Nakula Puran :- Nakuleswar Temple: History of Keeri Malai (Written by Santhipriya) Some Puranas and Hindu texts, frequently and explicitly mention that several centuries ago both Sri Lanka, Island nation and India were one...

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Akashapureeswar temple (E)

Kaduveli  Akashapureeswar temple -Written  by  : Santhipriya  – The Kaduveli Sithar temple in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu dated to over 3000 years old. This is where Kaduveli Sitdhar has born. Kaduveli Sithar is one amongst the...

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Plaegamma Temple (E)

Goddess Plague Mariamman Written by Santhipriya Irrespective of where one live – rural or urban,  no matter what their caste is, most of those affected by Small pox and Chicken pox visit temple sites of Mariamman, Seethal...

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Thila Tharpan Boomi -(E)

Muktheeswarar Temple Once upon a time two rivers namely Hari-Shiva were running few Kilometers away from Koothanoor in Tamilnadu where famous Goddess Saraswathi temple exists. We know the story of Goddess Parvathi who committed...

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Chika Tirupathi (E)

Chikka Tirupathi (Written by : Santhipriya) Chikka Tirupathi temple in Karnataka, as the name suggests, is mini Tirumala Venkateswara temple. The story of this temple goes like this. The epic Mahabharata war ended. During the...

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Kshetrabalapuram Ananda Kala Bhairava (E)

Some decades ago independent shrines for God Bhairava were not there in south except the one in Kshetrabalapuram a small hamlet in Kuttalam Taluk, situated eight km from Mayiladuthurai on way to Kumbakonam. A small, but divinely...

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Goddess Samayapuram Mariamman (E)

There are two separate temples connected to Goddess Samayavaram Mariamman. Goddess Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, one of the most amongst the two is a famous Mariamman shrine in Tamilnadu. Mariamman is an aspect of Goddess...

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Temple for Snake God- Nagaraja Temple (E)

Serpents worship (Naga Worship) has been in vague since pre historic and puranic times in many parts of world and therefore worship of serpents as God is not new phenomenon in India. Worship of Serpents had existed even in...

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Punnainallur Mariamman (E)

Punnainallur  Goddess Mariamman Santhipriya  Centuries ago majority of those belonging to the higher caste, mainly Brahmins considered Goddess Mariamman to be non Brahmin deity as she was worshipped by the villagers who...

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Lepakshi Temple ( E)

God Veerabhadrar sanctum   Lepakshi is a small town, located near the famous spiritual town Puttaparthi in Ananthapur district in Andhra Pradesh, and this village is famous for the temple constructed for God Veerabhadrar, the...

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Vellai Veppilaikkari temple (E)

The original appearance of Mallarpet Goddess Mariamman under Neem tree with white leaves  During one of our visits to Mayavaram we came across two Goddess Mariamman temples under Neem trees which were reported to be full of...

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Kathiramangala Vana Durga Devi Temple (E)

Kathiramangalam Goddess Vana Durgai temple is in between Mayavaram and Kumbakonam. Situated 14 KM from Kumbakonam and 7 KM from Mayavaram the temple is stated to be as old as 2500 years. Kathiramangalam Goddess Vana Durgai is...

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Vasanthapura Temple ( E)

In the year 2011, I happened to visit a unique temple in Vasanthapura (Behind Kanakapura Road) in Bangalore. The name of the temple is Lord Vasanthapura Vallabaraya which is 1000 years old and constructed during the Chola...

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Pancha Linga Shethra (E)

Divine forces like  Lord Chandra, Lord Surya, Lord Indira, Lord Vishnu and Lord Muruga established four temples for worship of Lord Shiva.  They are in Andhra Pradesh. It is stated that the Shiva Lingas in all those five temples...

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Vanmutti Peruman (E)

One may not have seen gigantic presiding deity in any temple, fully carved out of a Fig tree, with the roots of tree still wet and the tree not growing. It could only be a divine wonder.  Even in Puri Jagannath temple the...

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Temples for Lord Twin Hanuman (E)

Lord Twins Hanuman Temples In a recent tour to Mayavaram- Kumbakonam (Nagapattinam district in Tamilnadu) we visited few temples where two idols of Lord Hanuman were enshrined together in the main sanctum. They are called Twins...

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Karkateshwarar Temple (E)

  28 KM from Mayavaram, a temple exists in the midst of paddy fields in the northern bank of river Cauvery where a celestial turned Crab reportedly worshipped Lord Shiva and got the curse reversed. The temple is called Lord...

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Kabalamma Temple -E

There is a temple for Goddess Kabalamma, an incarnate of Goddess Parvathi in a village nearly seventy kilometers from Bangaluru. The name of the village is Kabalu in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara district in Karnataka. This...

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Chettipunniyam Hayagriva (E)

One can not see Horse headed Lord Hayagriva without Goddess Lakshmi seated on his lap in any of the temples except in Chettipunniyam. He is seen in such a posture only in “Sri Devanatha Sri Yoga Hayagriva temple” in Kancheepuram...

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Singa Peruman Kovil- E

Singa Perumal Kovil is one of the famous Lord Narasimha  temples, situated 8 KM from Chennai on way to Chengleput district in Tamilnadu. It is believed to have been constructed before 1500 to 1800 years during the period of...

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Kateel Durga Parameswari temple (E)

Karnataka state in India has many historical temples. One such temple has been dedicated to the Goddess Durga Parameswari temple in a place called Kateel in the southern part of Karnataka. One can reach this temple from...

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Munneeswaram Temple (E)

{The above shown Lingam or Phallic symbol was rescued from the ruble of the original temple destroyed by the Portuguese colonial officers in 1595 (?)and installed in the outer wall of the newly renovated temple in the 1900s....

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Nagachandreswar (E)

Nag Thakshak is one of the eight most important Serpents in the clan of Divine Serpents and has reference in epic Mahabharata. The other seven Divine Serpents are – Nanda also called Nagaraja, Upananda, Sagara, Vasuki,...

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Maduvaneswarar Temple

Madhuvaneswarar Temple Nannilam (Written by : Santhipriya) Nannilam is located in the midst of Kumbakonam and Mayavaram in Tiruvarur district. Nannilam means prosperous land or the land which bestow goodness.  Nannilam has a...

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