Manifestation of

Kula Deivam or Tutelary

and Family Deities

– Santhipriya-


10Not entire human race had tutelary deities. Those families who had tutelary deities for generations, their family members continued to worship them while the rest worshipped other divines of their choice in the same area or elsewhere.  

After creating land (earth), Lord Brahma divided the space into several pieces  to facilitate the souls to go and settle  in the  spaces of their choice and deliberately left the choice to the decision of those souls which were sent down11. The clear picture on the demographic structure or terrestrial area of space created is not known, but pundits opine  that they included entire universe covering space for mountains, rivers  and humans to live besides forested areas covered with thick trees and animals. 

Those terrestrial area of spaces were imbibed with certain characteristic  such as  divine in nature, sinners paradise, lands with various degrees of characteristic like distracted and wavering souls etc etc. 11The body of those souls which settled in spaces like divine in nature automatically absorbed the qualities of  divine in nature embedded in those spaces.  Similarly whichever souls entered other spaces imbibed with other qualities, their bodies too automatically absorbed those qualities. This was one of the basic norms in canon of creation, lest one would not be able to realise the difference between good and evil or their after effects.  The spaces imbibed with  divine in nature  were mostly occupied by the souls of  saints, rishies and other  pious people while the rest of the spaces were occupied by other souls by absorbing the qualities imbibed in those spaces  to act according to the prescripts of Lord Brahma.

Prior to dispatching the souls to earth, Lord Brahma requested Parabrahman to split the divines into few categories before sending some of them to manifest and remain in invisible form  in the spaces earmarked for them even before humans souls reached there. Those divines were to manifest in different appearances at appropriate time and period drafted for them. The request to create divines of various nature included Prime divines, the First line of divines to emerge from Prime divines very few of which would become tutelary deities and also Ishta Devathas (Divine of liking) to few others, Second line of divines also to emerge from the Prime divines, most of which would turn into  tutelary deities. Simultaneously Lord Brahma was also allowed to convert some of the ganas in Parabrahma loga into  third category of divines called Sub divines like Village deities, Guardian deities, angels,  good spirits etc all of whom would function as sub divines to second line of divines. In addition to them Lord Brahma also converted few more souls into bad spirits, ghosts and destructive divines in the form of humans12 the reasons of which will be explained later.

While the Sub divines, the third in the category of divines were meant to  assist and guard the territories of the Second line of divines. The Second line of divines functioned under some of the  Prime divines because at the request of Lord Brahma they originally emanated from their energy rays.  Thus  though the Second line of divines were mirror images of Prime divines, they were authorised to function independently in the said appearance by exercising the divine powers vested on them.

When cosmic was created, initially the stage was set for the manifestation of increased  nos of divines in various forms and appearances  beginning from the first yuga namely Satya yuga till the end of  the fourth yuga which is Kaliyuga. Why was the stage  set for the manifestation of more no of divines in each of the successive yugas was because as per Lord Brahma’s prescript, with the dawn of every new yuga, the mind culture and behavioral attitude and characters of humans would gradually fall from purity to darkness, and by the time the Kali yuga emerge,  the morality of the mankind would have reached the lowest ebb and therefore more divine guardians would be needed  to check and stem the fall of morality in life. These secrets were revealed to the divinely sages and saints who were divine ganas  converted into human form by none other than Lord Brahma to ensure  that those initial secrets flowed down slowly to mankind through word of mouth stories.

The Prime divines and other First line deities (The  first line of divines in different appearances are mirror images of prime divines only as the but would manifest with new appearance from the energy rays of prime divines for certain reasons) enjoined  enormous divine powers to bestow or grant favours to the prayers of those who worshipped them regularly and in sincerity. They could freely and fairly exercise the powers directly on anyone of those who sought boons from them. They were permitted to bestow boon at their will to any group or an individual. This clarifies  that they were not tied to limited group of mankind while exercising their divine powers. They were also empowered to manifest in any form whenever and wherever it was needed to annihilate the evils and war mongering  Asura and Draconian forces  whenever they threaten  mankind as well as Deva ganas in heaven.  They could also enter into any space on earth or air space, land or sea to protect the divines and humans whenever their existence  were  threatened. The prime divines and first line of divines thus possessed unlimited territories to manifest and to exercise their divine powers,  however without defacing the basic norms of Lord Brahma’s scripts of creation.  Does it mean that they can grant boons or favours to those who had tutelary and family deities ? The initial answer is indeed possible, but without infringing into the basic rights of their subordinate divines mainly that of tutelary and family deities. The implication of that rider norm will be explained later13?               

The Second line of divines, who were mostly the tutelary and family deities, along with other  numerous first line deities  most of which becomes Ishta Devathas (Divine of liking) for some families in many spaces, too have been vested with enormous divine powers. The divine powers vested on the tutelary deities are almost equivalent to Prime divines, the reason being they are energy rays from prime divines only, however able to exercise their divine powers only to those families who had adapted them as their tutelary and family deity even though they may live  anywhere in the universe, even  beyond the boundaries where the tutelary deities manifested.  But the norms too had a hidden rider which mentions that though the tutelary or family deities were basically empowered to exercise their powers and authority only to the groups under them, they were also empowered to answer the prayers of other families to  some extent  if they regularly worship them in the form of non tutelary deity.  However here again there is another rider which restricts the use of their divine powers.  While rewarding  the outsider’s prayers if the tutelary deity observe that granting the boon will be  detrimental to the  interests of the families under their care, the tutelary or family deities cannot reward such prayers as long as the said families under threat have not ignored their tutelary deities13a in any manner and regularly worshipped them. There was also no bar for those families which had tutelary deities to worship any other divine by adapting them as their Ishta devatha (Divine of liking). There are conflicting views on the divine powers enjoined by the first line of divines in a particular form, as few  amongst them took birth as human and vanished in the same form14

The third in  the category  is sub divines to second line of divines and are termed Village deities, guardian deities and local deities15. Some of the cursed deva ganas and divines too manifested in the form of Local deities or Village deities. Similarly few humans too turned into angels on account of good deeds acquired by them in previous yugas15a. Those angels became guardian deities of the Villages to assist all other divines besides guarding the  boundaries of space where  all of them stayed after manifestation. The cursed deva ganas and divines were those that had attracted the curse during their stay in Parabrahma Loga, and came down to earth to penance to get reversal of the curses. The penance  was in the form of manifesting as Village deities  and to assist the Second and first line of deities in their areas, besides the arduous task of safe guarding the humans from the menace of evil spirits, ghosts and goblins.

15The village deities who were mostly the cursed deva ganas turned into that position, will have to perform their duties in perfection for certain Brahma years after which only their curses will be reversed and  get elevated as family or tutelary deity in the same area in the same or subsequent yugas wherever they had initially manifested in the  third  category of divine as Village deity. This is one of the reason why Aiyanar, Muneeswaran, several groups of Mariammans etc who were  basically termed as Village deities in some yuga attained the status of  tutelary and family  deities to many of the families in the same or subsequent yugas.


15aIt is important to note that the  humans turned into angels have not been found in the first yuga, may be because the humans surfaced only in the first yuga as created by Lord Brahma. On account of several good deeds acquired by some of the humans in the first yuga, they became angels  and their rebirth as human or animal got  partially  done away. In the same yuga or next yuga those souls which had been converted to deva ganas entered into the body of some humans or animals and through them perform certain acts beneficial to the mankind and the village where they manifested in invisible form. In appreciation of their service, the mankind begins to accept and worship them as an unknown good goblin or  fairy angel  or possessing  virtue of incantation beyond ones’ imagination. After the demise of those humans or animals they were buried and a memorial pillar or inscribed stone blocks erected over them thus converting the spot into place of worship. The deva ganas  who remained invisible will settle in those sites and continue to protect the village as guardian deity.  In subsequent or even same yuga, the same angels enter into another human or animal in another space(land) and becomes the guardian angel as before. In this manner after  successful completion of tasks assigned to them for certain Parabrahma years (how many human years constitute one Parabrahma year is unknown) without blemish, the  guardian angels  becomes Village deities. The powers enjoined by both Village and  Guardian angels and their role in society etc will be explained later along with the reasons for creation of Evil spirits, Ghosts, Ahriman, Minerva etc 15b.

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