Manifestation of

Kula Deivam or Tutelary

and Family Deities

– Santhipriya-


Strong belief and theories exist that even before the universe was created several lakhs of invisible divines and deva ganas might have existed as energy rays within Parabrahman with certain characteristics and appearances. When cosmic was created   few prime divines amongst them were released by Parabrahman and the rest of the divines or deva ganas were released by the prime divines in stages to certain acts.

It is unclear as to who shaped different appearances and forms to those invisible power rays6?  Why were they created within Parabrahman ? Parabrahma  plane was centralized energy centre called Parabrahma Loga- where lakhs of energy rays which is believed to be invisible divines existed. Over period of time, which was termed Brahma time, the period of which could not be guessed, those energized rays regularly lost their strength and vanished while new rays emerged in those places which itself was happening naturally and nobody knows the theory behind it. Whether it was happening by itself and the nature of power which was activating such acts inside Parabrahman is not known. As stated earlier, as per  canon of creation,  Lord Brahma with entire fleet of divines vanish and merge into the energy rays of Parabrahman to get rebirth at the beginning of seventy first Chathur yuga. Naturally it is also expected that the energy rays of Parabrahman in the form of divines too lose their forms and appearances to become simple energy  rays of Parabrahman as before they were converted to reappear when cosmic gets rebirth with Lord Brahma.

7It is believed that those  energized rays converted into some form in Parabrahma Loga were  energized suitably -like rehearsal-  to play their active role in the  cosmic to be created. Who the central power  that was energizing those energy rays remained mystery?  Energisation  of those converted energy rays was necessary because even before  power rays descended on earth, they needed  divine energized form or appearance  to play their active role in some manner. Unless the power rays possessed  some form they cannot absorb or retain the scripts of energisation in their body to play their role as and when they descended on earth, lest there could be chaos in interaction between divines and humans.  Primarily for this reason those power rays were given some body to absorb and retain the scripts to the extent that were necessary to match their role and manifestations. It is interesting to know that during  energisation process  in  Parabrahma Log,  many deva ganas and divines  also incurred curses for one reason or the other for their flaws during learning process. Similarly some of the Prime deities too attained certain blemishes in the nature of minor flaws committed8.

After the land space was created  much of the souls were converted by Lord Brahma into humans and remaining given other forms like animals, objects, trees etc. Simultaneously those of the divine forces in the form of energies in Parabrahma Loga descended on the land and hid themselves in the spaces allotted to them. While the normal cursed ganas  were to manifest and appear in some forms, those severely  cursed ganas manifested as stones and trees though without losing the divinity vested in them. Both the groups  resurfaced overland  or revealed their presence at various periods of times as ordained and were worshipped equally.

It is matter of debate whether the prime divines like Lords Siva, Maha Vishnu, Brahma and Goddess Parvathi too  obtained their form in Parabrahma Loga before they emerged from Parabrahman6a?  Which were the fleet of divines given their specific forms and shapes? Has  entire fleet of divines who were created and energized inside the Parabrahma Loga  sent to earth?  If not why only few selected  manifested on earth ? Did those manifest on earth come in their original form  or took new forms over periods of time9?  How did those who were to manifest on land got certain appearances and features  in Parabrahma Loga?  These are some of the most difficult queries that remained unanswered.

6 and 6a In the opinion of several Pundits, prior to converting his energy rays in different forms and appearances, Parabrahman first created a  principle architect of the universe –Deva Shilpi- to shape their appearances within him (Parabrahman). It is believed that the divine architect gave shape and appearances to entire fleet of divines that included prime divines like Lords Siva, Vishnu, Brahma and Goddess  Parvathi.  The Rig Veda mentions about  the role of Deva Shilpi Viswakarma  and so are few more Upanishads. Accordingly Deva Shilpi Viswakarma brought out several images from his navel and used them as models for shaping the divine appearances.  Further theory suggests that in order to carve out the appearances and forms of divines and other ganas from time to time, one divine shilpi was not sufficient and therefore Parabrahman created fleet of  sub deva shilpis  to assist  principle divine shilpi Viswakarma and placed them under his command.

7The fleet of Viswakarmas under the supervision of divine chief Viswakarma  carved Parabrahman’s rays into certain shapes, features and appearances after which Parabrahman energized them  infusing divine powers to the extent required exclusive to those forms and sent them in those forms in various yugas through Lord Brahma. Once every form and appearances were given, the cosmic  was created and it was left to Lord Brahma to chalk out their destination and time  of appearance as he was exclusively authorised for such act. The divine architect Viswakarma too was placed under the command of Lord Brahma to help him shape the divine forms as and when Lord Brahma  needed them. This is how Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Goddess Parvathi etc emerged in male and female form with certain features as designed and carved out  by divine architect Viswakarma along with later manifestations of divines and ganas  as desired by Lord Brahma from time to time.  This secret was revealed by Lord Brahma to the first sets of Maharishis called hermits. Sriman Narayana (Lord Vishnu) too revealed the said secret to  Narada Muni by way of sermon called Rahasyasthuthi.  There are also other versions that say that the  secret was revealed to Goddess Parvathi by Lord Shiva when they were alone in a cave in Himalayas when Lord Shiva revealed the secret of his immortality. Their conversation was overheard by a divine bird which revealed the text to hermits and Rishies.

As and when many manifestations were released   from the energy rays of prime divines in tune to the chalked out plan of action of Lord Brahma, those rays were first converted into certain forms and shapes by divine deva gana Viswakarma relevant to the purpose for which they were made to manifest.  There are however no clues  on how the appearances of divines were organised.

8Except the prime divines who manifested on land, the others initially manifested included cursed divine ganas who took turn to manifest   in some form  or the other to perform twin acts -penance to get back their original energized form and to  spread divinity on land in the form of tutelary or family deities as was initially allotted to them.

Those cursed  deva ganas which initially  manifested on earth carried out the task like spreading ethics, morality in life and divinity amongst the humans , and got back their divinity by penance to return  to deva loga as ordained. Those who manifested  initially became the  tutelary and family deities.

Except the prime divines  those of the cursed divine ganas who manifested in land became secondary divines8a even though all those divines which initially manifested were not cursed ones. The non cursed divines tagged as prime divines  manifested to not only bless, guard  and guide each and everyone who worshipped them but  also to facilitate  the process of  removal of  curses of  those divines which had successfully  concluded the penance. Besides helping the cursed ganas redeem their curses they also exercised their divine powers to remove the sins of  the cursed humans.  In addition to non cursed primary divines, few divines which unknowingly attracted minor sins y in devaloga too manifested on land to redeem their sins.  Some of those prime deities too became tutelary or family deities.

9Once their penance and given task were successfully  ended the divine ganas returned back to Parabrahma Loga and vanished. As and when the newer yugas emerged, the same vanished divines were  not released again in their original form.  Instead new batch of divine ganas ready to descend on land took over the charge in newer forms and appearances. Thus newer and newer manifestations emerged in subsequent yugas as is described in the texts of Puranas and other epics.

8and8a What was the divine status of  those tutelary and family deities which manifested on earth carrying curses ? Why was the secondary status given to those cursed divines manifested on land needs an answer.   Since all the divines in Parabrahma Loga  were energized   for spreading divinity on land and during energisation process, for  flaws in  their acts some of them incurred curses.  Those cursed were assigned the arduous task of guiding and guarding  limited groups of humans and to act as secondary divines.   The arduous task of mending sinner humans and limited group to offer worship to them was one form of punishment given for those cursed divines and those who successfully completed their task  went back to divine Loga with curses revoked and to manifest as prime deity in some other place. Those who did not succeed in their task continued to cross over from yugas after yugas in the same status undertaking the same mission.

At the same time in order to not lessen their status of divinity, or their importance in the hierarchy of  divines they were temporarily  tagged as tutelary and family deities under prime deities but vested with several  divine powers  equivalent to prime deities in granting   the wishes of  those limited group of devotees kept under them. It was Parabrahman’s strict  norm that howsoever powerful the prime divine may be, they can not  grant or bless any wish directly to any human who ignored their tutelary or family deity and approached them directly with several prayers. This norm was made applicable to other non cursed main divines too. If the prime and other main divines deviated in the said norms, they attracted the curse of Parabrahman and were stripped of their status to become secondary divines on par with tutelary and family deities.

10Were entire humans born on land  worshipped some form of  tutelary and family deities?  If not who guided, guarded and granted the prayers of   humans who had not  adapted any tutelary or family deity ? Details in next part.

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